Friday, June 15, 2018

How to Tell If You Need Prescription Eyeglasses

Is your vision not as good as it once was? You may need to start wearing prescription eyeglasses or eyewear. Don't worry, with all of the t eye wear frames available, you are sure to find something that looks good. Take a look at the signs of decreased vision and see if you're experiencing any of them. If you do, head over your eye doctor for an eye wear prescription. Then head over to your local optician and get a new pair of glasses. It's really easy as that, so let's dive in this.

Top Signs That You Need Glasses

  • You have a hard time seeing at night.
  • You experience frequent headaches.
  • Your vision is blurry.
  • You experience poor distance vision.
  • You experience daily eye fatigue.
  • You need to squint to read and drive your car.
  • You can't use your computer without getting a headache.
  • You have double vision.
  • You see ''halos'' around light bulbs.
Everyday Habits That Show You May Need Glasses
  • Frequent blinking
  • Constant eye rubbing
  • Sitting right up to your t.v.
  • Reading your books far from your face.
  • Closing one eye to read or use your cell phone.
  • Hard time driving.
  • Computer use is challenging.
  • You lose your spot when reading.
What to Look for at an Eyeglass Store
When you visit your local eyewear store, you should make sure that it meets these standards:
  1. There should be experienced opticians on staff every day.
  2. The store hours should be convenient to your schedule. Weekend hours are a plus!
  3. There should be a large selection of frames.
  4. The opticians should offer complimentary frame adjustments and lens tinting.
Take Two If Your Budget Allows
If you need your glasses to read, drive, and live your life, it's wise to have an extra pair of glasses. You don't have to get two pairs of expensive glasses either. Get a pair that you love and then get a less expensive pair that you can live with. This will come in handy in case you lose your glasses or accidentally break them.